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Saturday, Sept. 26th, was the Hope Mills Cruzers' Jesse's Dream Show. Jesse was the founder of the Hope Mills Cruzer and it was named in his honor.

The day started out dreary, wet, and cold, and although the rain stopped, it was still fairly cool. It started raining again at days' end, but it wasn't a horrible day for a show. Once the rain stopped, it was actually quite nice. The show went on with probably 200 cars, maybe more or less, but a good turnout for a damp day none-the-less. I did a showing with Fayetteville F-body and had quite a nice time. Our club showed 22 cars when all was said and done, along with some new members.

Nearly everyone in our club got a trophy (they did Top 40 for '86-older and Top 20 for '87-Newer) and we had quite a nice showing.

If you look on the right, you'll see two '69 Camaros (one yellow, one blue) and a yellow 2010. All three belong to one guy's family...he took a trophy for each one. And he's the man that replaced my transmission and the ONLY reason I was able to have Emma in the show at all! ...and you'll see that Emma did QUITE well for herself!! :D