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My girl and I bought the white 2001 Monte Carlo SS pictured new back in the fall of 2001,It was our first new car together.

Our 2001 SS has only around 49,000 miles on her now and looks as good as she was on the showroom floor up at Banks Chevrolet Cadillac in Concord New Hampshire.
It's driven everyday and not garaged in winters.But always kept clean!

It has an Aluminum and Polycarbonate CAI Air box and Corsa Cat Back exhaust with a Magnaflow High-Flo converter and Hogan downpipe with U-Bend delete are really the only slight HP mods for the engine.
Will be getting a reprogrammed PCM for it in the very near future either from Milzy's Motorsports or ZZ Performance.

There are a few handling & brake mods like Speedbuilt Strut tower Brace.
Drilled slotted counterbored and plated brake rotors.
BMR Trailing and lateral arms.
SLP Sway Bars
KYB AGX Adjustible struts with Eibach lowering springs and a host of other mods to put on.
But we just wanted it basically to look and sound different than other local Monte Carlo SS's around our area.
I hate looking like I have something everyone else has.
So stock is not an option!
Well we think I succeded in that department as there is not another white one just quite like it in these parts anyway.
We sure are known now in town and around the area as it turns heads everywhere we go and always starts a conversation with other Car Crazy auto fanatics !
We meet a lot of cool people! And a lot up at New Hampshire International Speedway during the race events as well with a lot of Monte Carlo owners in the parking lots from all over.
It's really fun to chat and see everyone elses car and what they have done to it!
It's always an ongoing project though to make it a little bit better.

Below is our webpage where we keep a few pics and links on for easy access when I am looking for something for our Monte.

Hey have fun with what ever you drive! Chevy,Pontiac,Ford, Dodge,etc...It doesn't matter, Just have fun and enjoy and let the Good Times Roll!