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A lot of people on Motortopia probably remember watching the original "Knight Rider" series on NBC. That was the first glimpse for most of us of the 3rd generation Firebird/Trans Am, and back in 1982, man did that car look futuristic. And I'm not just talking about the Hollywood-added technical stuff, I mean the car itself. Unfortunately, toward the end of the series run, the show became too cheesy to watch for all but the most loyal of fans, but that didn't lessen the appeal of the Trans Am any. Even the horrible spin-offs, Knight Rider 2000, Knight Rider 2010, and Team Knight Rider, couldn't tarnish our memories of the original KITT.

Fast-forward twenty years. I'm sure most of you are aware that NBC is releasing a new made-for-tv Knight Rider movie in February. Sure, they replaced "The Hoff" with a fresh young actor (playing Michael Knight's son), the only thing most of us care about is KITT. Recently, NBC revealed that the "Knight Industries Two Thousand" has now been replaced by the "Knight Industries Three Thousand" and it is... a MUSTANG.

The day that was released, you could hear a collective scream from the KITT lovers. How could KITT be a Mustang? Knight Rider and a Trans Am go together like Starsky & Hutch. Crocket & Tubbs. Jon & Ponch. Bo & Luke. How could they do this?

Well, I guess it was inevitable. It's not like they had much choice, since the Firebird is no longer in production. Some people say they could've used a new Camaro, but those aren't out yet. Or they could have taken a Pontiac GTO/Holden Manaro chassis and built a custom Firebird body (based on the new Camaro styling), similar to how they did the same thing to create the new Camaro for the Transformers movie, since, again, the REAL new Camaro isn't out yet. But that wouldn't work either, this is a made-for-tv movie and they don't have the same budget that a big summer blockbuster has to pull that off. Maybe a Corvette, but there isn't much room in there for all of the KITT stuff, plus the composite panels would probably fly off the car after the first "turbo-boost" assisted jump. Or they could've went the retro route and used a 4th-gen Trans Am. The remakes of The Dukes of Hazzard and Herbie the Love Bug both kept the same cars as the originals. But what self-respecting private crime-fighting organization funded by a billionaire would use an old car?

So the obvious solution was to find a new KITT. They probably had to rule out any foreign cars, as this is an American show and an American "hero", so they need to use an American car. And they need a performance car. And one that is rear-wheel drive with not much traction, so they can have cool chase scenes. And one that doesn't look like just an average sedan. So about the only choice is the Mustang. Sure, the current Mustang has been out long enough that it blends into the current car landscape almost as much as a Toyota Camry, but at least they made it look like a Shelby GT500KR.

So what do you think? Did they choose the correct car for KITT? If not, what would you have chosen? And what if someone decided to remake Smokey and the Bandit and they not only replaced Burt Reynolds with some young actor (to be expected) but they replaced the black and gold Trans Am with a Mustang?

If you haven't already, click on the image below to check out the 2 minute trailer that NBC has released, to see the new KITT:

Post your comments and let us know what you think!

(p.s. And if you dare... here is a video of The Hoff and the original KITT starring in one of his... umm... music videos. Click here if you dare.)