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yes i street race but im safe about it. closed roads, wide roads, no turns just straight drags, no rain, no traffic, just clean races for fun no money, no fighting, just good sportsmanship.

now a cool thing we do is not just a race n thats it but we use Vi Performance monitors to see 0-60, 1/4mile, and lap times and etc. before cars run we set them up in OBD ii calibrate em, run, and they work awesome.

well i havent raced yet with the new Koup til today and did my first one against a friends 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer ES Sport with a cold air intake and a catback exhaust. i have the same mods.

we are close in stats:
-2011 Kia Forte Koup EX
-2.0L 6 speed manual
-156HP (stock, power with mods unknown)
-144TQ (stock)
-2737 lbs curb weight

-2009 Mitsubishi Lancer ES Sport
-2.0L 5 speed manual
-152HP (stock, power unknow with mods)
-146TQ (stock)
-2922lbs curb weight

so close stats but i won twice. the initial race was from a dig about a 1/4 mile which i pulled him on the take off, pulled even more in 2nd and gained on him the entire run to win by about a car length. our second run was from 50mph to top speed 120mph where we are both limited. we were neck and neck to about 70 as i pulled on him and gained ground the entire run til we hit limiter. when i hit 120 i was a good 3 to 4 car lengths ahead.

the Vi Performance stats were takin on 1/4 mile run. the monitors werent our they were our friends but im def getting one they are cool!
My Times:
-6.84 0-60
-15.11 at 97.66

His Times
-7.31 0-60
-15.53 at 96.02
pretty close!

so i can definitely thank the win on shifting, less weight, and an extra gear. though he was in 5th when he hit 120 and i was in 5th as well but i have one more gear so i would win even without limiter.