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The Pure Stock Drags event at Mid Michigan Motorplex in Stanton, Michigan is a drag-racing event held over two days, where competitors in 1962-1974 American muscle cars are invited to compete against rivals in machines with similar performance. The rules are fairly strict when it comes to equipment regulations; essentially, all competing cars are expected to have engines that retain all of their correct parts and pieces, and those parts are not supposed to be altered significantly. This means that manifolds and cylinder heads are not to be ported, carburetors must be original type and specification, camshafts must maintain (mostly) factory specifications, and so on. Stock size wheels and tires are also required, and vehicles must maintain complete factory body panels and interiors. Engine teardowns can be a part of technical inspection if the organizers feel it is warranted.

The range of performance runs from 15-second rides all the way down to the mid-11-second range, occupied primarily by Hemi cars and L88-spec Corvettes; in fact, the fastest time of this event was an 11.44 turned in by Jimmy Johnson’s silver L88-spec 1969 ’Vette. This year even saw a genuine COPO ’69 Camaro, running an all-aluminum ZL1 engine (it was originally built with an iron 427). Many of the cars competing are “real,” though accurate tribute cars are allowed.