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Ok, yesterday evening after me an Mike got off work, he headed on over to our painter's shop cause we knew the airbrushing was done :D I had been so excited all day, and because of that the day went slowwwww, lol. Well anyways we get to Alan's shop walk in the door, and several people are standing in the room where he does his paint prep, one of those people was the man of the hour, Quack. I was glad I got to meet him, I did get to talk with him on the phone the day before, he had wanted to make sure he understood what I wanted. After I gave him the ideas I had in my head, I told him to just do what you think would look good. Believe me, this is a man you don't want to confine, you just have to let him work his magic. Well anyways, Mike had already looked in the door in the paint booth at Dragonbird, but Alan wouldn't let me look. He told me to close my eyes, and I got led into the paint booth, in front of the car, he says open them........OH MY!!!!!.....WOW!!!!!!.....THIS IS FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to understand, Quack free hands, he don't believe in stensils or vinyls, as a matter of fact he plainly said vinyl is for houses, lol. Dragonbird now is most definatly one of a kind, there is not another one out there like it. Me and Mike will be going back up to the shop Friday to see what it looks like with it being cleared, I can't even begin to imagine, it looked SWEEEEETTTTT with just the base coat :D I'm not gonna post pics of the bird until after Bethany's (Firebirdfest) show, so if you wanna see it you're just gonna have to come to Mebane, NC on the 18th and 19th :D I have posted up 2 teaser pics though :D Oh yeah, what ever anger I had in's not there anymore, lol.