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My friends Pete and Sandy Robinson, screen name 1967Comet, sent me a message today asking for help in having their car named "Muscle Car of the Year" by HEMMING'S MUSCLE MACHINE magazine. They are great folks and their car is really awesome. I'm a Chevy guy and I think this FoMoCo product is worth consideration for the award, even against some other really fine cars. Take a sec and read what they sent me, copied below:
Hi, I was wondering if you would vote for my car for Muscle Machine of the year. This is a honor from Hemmings Magazine to be picked. There are 12 other cars competing with me for this honor. Please go to and vote. You can only vote one time. It's the seventh car on the list. It's a white 1967 Mercury Comet. Thannks..Sandy
PS Would you let everyone else know, as I will admit that I'm not wise enough to know how it is done on this site. THANKS!
Now hit on that link and check out the cars. Drool a little. Then help out a fellow Motortopian and come December buy HEMMING'S MUSCLE MACHINE and see how they did. I heartily recommend the magazine anyhow - lots of great cars every month.