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Brad has made some changes to the server so that you can change the channels after you join so here is the revised how to
Also if you downloaded the client it may ask you to update the software as it did me on 8-14-2011
OK, Heres something to try if you are computer savvy and not afraid to try. Its like CB radio only on your computer.

Brad and one of his friends has set up a teamspeak server (http.//
Teamspeak is like Skype. It's a free verbal communication system that you can use 24x7, 365 days. With a simple headset/microphone combo (20/25 bucks) you can talk to lots of people.

You need to load TS3 client
Agree to the licence
Walk through the setup
(First time you go on you will need to close the server list window)
Click connections (upper left hand or the TS3 window)
Then enter the following numbers into the server address

Plus add your nickname
I suggest the name you use in Motortopia.
Leave the password blank

When you log into the server you will see a few different channels
Click and join one of the virtual rooms
(Left hand pane of the window)

Find the Motortopia channel, with Sub channels below
The Sub Channels are specific channels
Truck ect.
Under Pontiac there is a channel called "East Bound and Down" for all the Trans Am people out there.

This is where we will meet.
Meeting is monday night.
August 15, 6pm C.S.T. Until?