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Well movie fans, it happened... The climactic scene in "The Big Lebowski" in the bowling alley parking lot happened to me yesterday evening, but it was at Pep Boys, not a bowling alley. I've been having trouble with the Torino running rough recently, so I popped the hood to see if I could figure out what was wrong.I saw signs of leakage around the carb, so I thought it might need a rebuild. 30 years with spotty maintenance at best will do that. I've never done one before, but I didn't think it would be that hard. (Besides, I have the Chilton's manual!) So off I went to Pep Boys in the Torino-I wanted to have the car there in case I needed to find out anything about it when I bought the rebuild kit. When I got to the store and parked, it was really stumbling all over itself. I shut it off and it ran on for a couple of seconds, then let out with a huge backfire through the carb... You can guess the rest. Leaky carb... Backfire... BOOM! I got away from it as fast as I could, and wasn't even singed, but the Big Lebowski wasn't as lucky... The car in the movie might have been doused in gas before the nihilists torched it, but, believe me, an old Torino burns just fine on its own. I'm sorry I can't post any pictures of the car in it's funeral pyre, but my camera was IN THE CAR! I'll have to see if I can get a few "after" pictures at the junkyard.