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Took the car into the body shop May 5 to get a spot redone on the rear quarter (the shop originally fixed it last fall but it started to show through). I figured this would be a good time to take care of the rockers and front fenders that had been cheaply fixed by the previous owner. The shop owner tells me 2-4 weeks on the repairs. I stop in after 3 weeks and they have gotten as far as getting the fenders off. I talked to the shop owner the following week(he was out of town when I stopped in), he appologized, said he got behind with one of Duffy's(the collector car dealer in town he does work for) cars, he had to fire one of his guy's and the replacement just wasn't catching on etc.. etc... He said it would be quite a bit longer (duh) but he would do some other stuff to it for me like pull the doors, check them out and replace the bushings while he has them off. He's also gonna get rid of the chipguard the previous owner had sprayed on the lower part of the car. I know he'll do a good job and it will be done right, but it sucks not having the car for half the summer. I've made it this long and it shouldn't be too much longer, so I'll just gut it out and drive the wheels off it when I get it back.