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I am a sad guy today. Mother Nature was not nice to us here in Lincoln, NE yesterday evening. A bad thunderstorm brewed up very quickly that had 70 plus MPH winds. In the scramble of getting everything in the garage as I was working on Louie at the time, we left the front clip outside thinking it would be ok there until the storm passed. Well needless to say, we were quite wrong, not expecting the 70 MPH winds. The front clip that was a removeable factory one piece unit was lifted off the ground, flipped over, and slammed back onto the ground so hard it busted the headlight bezel on the right hand side and basically broke the fenders from the nose piece. I was devistated when I seen it. The winds actually lifted the garage door up that was in front of Louie and we had to close it again and actually lock it. It looked like it was going to blow the garage door inwards. Pretty scary moment. The clouds were moving rapidly and swirling. Thank God there was actually no tornados as I was starting to think we were going to get one. There were many power outages and broken trees and limbs. About a block away a huge tree broke off a 2.5 to 3 foot thick limb and it blocked the road. Right next to it another tree was on fire as the power line hit it and ignited it. Trees were down all over town. The same for power lines. Crazy storm. It all happened within half an hour or so. Then it sort of cleared up.
Now Louie is going to have to be fixed and the worst part about it is the Alpine Green Pearl paint cannot be matched easily or at all. The headlight bucket or bezel may not be an easy find either. The fenders are fixable but creased badly in the wheel wells and the paint is scratched up from them falling on the patio and sliding to a rest from the storm. I have to find another coupe or station wagon that is a single headlight unit. My spoiler and lower valance took a bad hit too. They are broken as well. I have a friend at work that already mixed some paint and sprayed a sample piece that some of my other friends liked so Louie may be a different color next time he is seen. I have already started the stripping and sanding. Now the test will be getting the extremely rare parts for the car.
I may need some assistance in finding a front clip or pieces so if anybody knows where one may be PLEASE contact me so Louie can be fixed soon and brought back out. I can use Monza Coupe, Monza Town Coupe, Monza station wagons, Pontiac Sunbirds, possibly the Chevy Vega, the Firenza, Skyhawk, Olds Starfires, and other types of these h-body type cars. They have to be single headlight cars (2 total) instead of the dual headlight (4 total). Thanks if anybody can help me out.