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Well made it through the wedding, went amazingly smooth. Christie Jo is super happy about how things turned out and that's what matters.

Drove the GTO for the first time since the slave cylinder took a dump on me, (on our trip to go register as a matter of fact). As usual I was a little paranoid after having it tore down, and THEN..... I started smelling something hot! NO! I was ready to whip out a for sale sign on the spot. But to my great relief while we were packing up the car to come back home I checked under the hood again to try and find the culprit. There staring me right in the face was the melted positive battery terminal cover sitting right on the hedder. Wow what a relief... while it sucks to have to endure the smell of melted plastic for a bit longer, no malfuncion.....:) And it was all my fault as I had slipped it off to put battery tender on and forgot to put it back. Back in GTO love.