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The Ford Plant is finally coming down. Sad day for sure!! They had their own Hydro-Electric plant on-site and still they couldn't keep it going. 86 years of History. Model T's, Tanks, Cars and Trucks all had their time here.

Dec 16, 2011 the last Ford Ranger rolled off the line.

In 2004, a vehicle took an average of 20.77 hours of labor to roll through the assembly line, 3.5 hours faster than might be expected in comparison to other plants. Wouldn't it be something if we could put our muscle cars back together as fast as they were assembling these trucks!! At this same time, the Twin Cities plant was operating at 83% capacity while other Ford plants could only average 75%.

These stellar numbers still weren't enough to save the Plant. Hard to believe!! The UAW workers can surely hold their heads high knowing they did all they could to try and keep the doors open.

I toured the plant as a young boy on a school field trip. I can remember the sights and sounds still today. Watching an entire body get dipped was quite impressive. The automated paint system was equally cool to see in operation.

I also attended many Ford Car shows at the plant parking lot. It was a great place to get together with other Ford enthusiasts.

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