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Man its been a while since i posted anything but here are some updates. My 74 gmc 1/2 ton is done and on the road, but now its in the prcess of getting a 7' Western plow addition to the front end. The IROC still hasn't made it to the garage yet. The beretta is still in the same spot and so isn't everything else. There are some new revelations concerning the buggy 900. The type of transmission that we need is from a Honda Pilot. No not cross-over SUV. The Pilots I'm talking about were known as the FL400, so if anyone knows of one that someone is willing to get rid of because its an eye sore or if it has a blown motor let me know. I would like to have the buggy driving next spring into summer. Ok thats it for the updates for now, I do have some new pics that are going up so don't be afraid to tell me what ya think. Later guys and Happy Holidays to all!