Filed under: 1968 Chevrolet Impala Custom (Max(imus))

Filtered Content: This photo may not be appropriate for work.

Work is proceeding apace on the ole Impala...fuel tank has been removed and refurbed, new fuel lines and fuel pump added, and the Q-Jet has been cleaned and re-worked. Dual exhausts have been modded and tuned, and the rear axle has been rebuilt to new specs.

Wiring under the hood has been redone for the dual 16" electric fans, and cooling should no longer be an issue.

As soon as I can get her back, work will begin on selling off my collection of old stereo equipment to fund body repair (when the truck hit my trunk, dented the bumper and tweaked the trunk lid), repainting (a Forest Green metallic to match the dash color), and the search for affordable interior parts begins: am/fm/8-track module, center console, StratoBench or StratoBucket seats in front and replacement in back, both vinyl), and interior refurbing. ***sigh*** would that old cars weren't money pits!!!