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We decided to take a one way flight to go pick up our 67' Nova and drive her home. It was an education for future buying trips!

Without question we did a good job on our research! She is a beautifully done car! Excellent lines, beautiful paint job, undercoating is top quality, etc. And after looking around her, we started her up......OH MYYYYY.....a cross between the side pipes on my 65' Corvette and the 40 Series Flowmaster's on my 2010 Camaro.

And then we drove her......yes....she is wonderful! That LS2 engine making 425 HP is wonderful in that size of car! She handles very well, gets after it with ease, and although the under system is new and certainly stiff it is a confidence boost having her that way!

She's truly all that!

And thankfully, we found an electrical issue with the computer and the fuel injection relay. Thus, after 5 hours with her we had to part ways, get a one way car rental, and leave her. The dealer is going to ship her free of charge along with doing a few other minor things after the work is done. In the future we are sticking to shipping what we buy, but only after a face-to-face visit!

I had looked all over the internet and nothing I could find compared to the build quality of this Nova. There are some "matching" cars but the build of this Pro Touring type car is stunning. It may not be perfect, but I've wandered the car shows......this was done better than just about anything I've seen at any show....and if you put her on a lift, it gets even better!