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My husband went to the car show that was in town over the weekend. He took some pictures of cars he thought I would like to see. I thought I would post them here and share them with all of you. He didn't know how to get them to the computer so my kids did that. He also didn't add what years they were either. So I am rather at a loss.

I love this Monte Carlo. He said it won most factory award. It wasn't very impressive when it started, not the aggressive loud sound. Go figure.

The Viper had a dead battery when they got ready to leave.

I think the Vette is interesting because of the doors.

As you all may or may not know I like the little Corvairs because my grandma had one.

My husband knows the guy that owns this GTO Judge. I have seen it around town before. I love the front plate that says it all. GRRRR!

I want one...doubt I will ever be able to afford but but wow what a dream!