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This week the power steering pump got rebuilt. We got a rebuilt alternator but hubby didn't like the look of the case so he took the guts out of it and put them in the alternator case that came on the car.

Then we pushed it out of the garage so we could clean out the engine compartment really well in anticipation of painting it. That part was kind of tricky since we are on water restrictions and you can't water the lawn or wash a car unless you just do it from a bucket! Got it done though and pushed it back in the garage. Took digital photos of where all the wiring is to help in putting it all back after we paint. Hubby is going to remove the front end and the K frame so he can stand inside the engine compartment and sand it and clean it more.

The more he sees of the underneath and insides of this car the more amazed he is at the condition of the metal. We decided to keep the engine compartment the same FY8 gold as the rest of the car and will only spray the areas that have to be done leaving as much original paint as possible. It will be nice to pop the hood and say "this is original paint" since we are going to have the exterior repainted at some point in this effort.

Next week he'll try to get the engine compartment totally cleaned and prepped for paint. We also have to make sure we can get a spray can or two of paint that matches Mopar FY8. We've seen vendors at shows selling this stuff but of course can't find anyone in the magazines now or on the Internet. We heard a rumor that a guy at a parts store in the next town is an expert and can mix it for us if I give him the factory number. Hoping he does a good job!