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Well, it still has a LONG way to go, but it is looking so much better.

When i traded for this car it was in sad shape. The nose and both front fenders were severely damaged from rear ending a truck with a big trailer hitch. The rear tailights and filler panel and hatch were damaged by vandals who broke into it to steal stereo equipment. missing pieces everywhere.

Since i have owned it, i have fixed the tailights and filler panel, repaired and replaced fenders and nose cone, interior trim pieces, installed a killer sound sysytem, major bodywork completed and paint work done by myself and a club member, Thanks Kent Nichols! Started to detail things under the hood, but dont have near enough time to do the things i would like to do before the Nats.

Looking forward to a great event at a new venue, cant wait to see all my firends... Safe motoring to all that have some miles to cover before arriving to Dayton.

Matt P