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Hi friends! Im back again! I would like to share with you about a story I have been hearing for years- one that I can't get sick of.
Back in the mid 50's, my dad worked at a gas station- and my Grandfather used to get his car fueled up at that station. My mom was with him, and she saw my dad working there- and decided to go meet him (she thought he was adorable).
When he came to pick her up, he was driving a beautiful salmon pink and gray 1955 Bel Aire. Mom said it was the most beautiful car she'd ever seen.
Over the years, I have heard this story many times, and my two brothers and evil sister are sick of hearing about it- but not me!
I have seen pictures of the car (black and white pictures) and keep asking why she and my dad sold it!
Another car that I wish they had kept!
Mom said that my dad took out the original carpet in the car, and put a gray carpet in. I wish I had that car.
Mom also said after they sold it, they went out and bought a 57 210 4 door to drive. She said that car wasn't as pretty as the Bel Aire.
I will try to get pictures and post them on here to show all of you- Moms getting a little senile in her old age, so it might be a while.
Thanks for reading! :) Geri