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I was driving from my hometown back to college this weekend when a semi decided it wanted to get in a fight with my monte carlo. The monte lost.

He was in the left lane and hit my rear drivers side tire with his bumper. The monte spun around and he hit me on my drivers side door and pushed me down the highway into the concrete blocks in the median.

The wheel that he origionally hit me on has CHUNKS missing out of the chrome. All of my brand new tires are shredded and melted onto my wheels. Tires are not made to go sideways. My entire drivers side is crunched. And my front end is cracked and dented like no other.

Oh, and I'm okay. Haha. My back is screwed up pretty bad, but no breaks. My neck, shoulder, back, and knee (basically my whole right side of my body) are all pretty screwed up. I'm really sore and have a lot of sharp pains. But I'm going to the chiropractor for it, so hopefully it will get better soon.

My monte is totalled. But don't worry. I plan on getting another Monte Carlo when I get my insurance money. Makes me so glad that I drive a car as big as my Monte. If I would have been in some little car I would probably be dead.