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Ok here is a little more about the car incident. I had not been down to my car in a while. The battery has been dead, and I have been really sick. Not to mention I got transferred with my job and the new location has been really difficult to fix. I went down to the car last week on Sunday to put in the new battery and found the ding...more like a crunch.....Two of my neighbors said they had seen a white ford ranger next to my car. There aren't many spots to park in this area, as it is a horseshoe shaped section of the apartments, and maybe a row of 10 spots to park in. There are no other white trucks or vehicles that park in this area....and the 2 that park near there I checked out. So that next day I looked out the window at my car and saw a white truck parked next to my car. It had a black scuff mark on the outside of his truck. I went down to take pictures. The guy at first said he spoke no english. He also denied the marks on his truck. I took pics of both sides of his fenders. On the other side, it was all dirty. On the side where he wrecked, it was all wiped off, except for the very bottom. You could see fingerprints of where he had cleaned off the marks. You can see black scuff marks all down the side of his truck. Because it happened on private property I am having a doozie of a time trying to get the insurance company of the vendor at the apts to help me.