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Ok, first let me start off by saying that now I realize I shouldn't have gotten so mad at the original airbrush guy. Had I known he had not shown up because he had a family emergency I wouldn't have gotten mad, so now I'm mad at him for making me mad at him, lol. Now for the great news :) Dragonbird is getting airbrusehd as I am typing this now :D and yes, the guy who was origianlly suppose to do it, is doing the airbrushing. I know it will be worth the painstaking wait that i've waited. This guy IS REALLY REALLY GOOD. It's just hard to get him to do the job when you want him to do it though. I have no idea what his real name is, but everyone calls him Quack. Me and Mike will probably go to my painter's shop tommorow evening to see what he's done, and of course I would think the airbrush guy would like to get paid too, lol. But everyone, please still keep me and DB in your thoughts, cause it ain't over until she's home with me :)