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If you are truely a full blown gearhead then you can miss a change when a GOODGUYS show comes around your area. The Goodguys event has just about every kind of vehicle that your heart could imaging. But there is one thing you need to remember about these events, is first bring your best walking shoes because the number of vehicles that at a Goodguys event is unbelieveable. You will walk for miles and not see everything that is there and I am professional at trying to see every vehicle at the show. If you like Muscle, Classics, Hot Rods, Custom, Street Rods, and lets not forget the Rat Rods, they are all there. I got to go to the Kansas Speeedway, in Kansas City, Kansas early on Saturday, an just a little boy in a candy store I could not decide where to start. Eight hours later they were asking everyone to leave. This show last three days and this is where I have a problem because I’m not sure if you did spend the three days looking it would be long enough to see it all. So if you ever get a chance to go to a Goodguys Show in your area or even if you have to travel a ways, it is worth every minute.I have enclosed a few photos of the Goodguys event and some of cars at the show. Set back and enjoy.

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