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Hello ever one, next week I will be leaving Chatsworth GA just south of Chattanooga TN where some where each weekend with in a 40 miles around there you can find 4 to 5 cruise in or car shows. Its a great place to live if you like going to them, and I do. Clevaland TN has a cruise in the 4th weekend of each month and has had up to 800 cars to show up,, even Dalton GA has a great one the 2nd weekend. So I hope to find a lot of new one in my new town.
I will be moving to Marietta SC just outside of Greenville SC. I will be looking for cruise in and shows to go too. all help that I can get from you will help out a lot so I can start new. I lost my job first of the year and now going to lose my home so now I will be moving to look for work there and moving into my old home that I grow up in.
Cruise ins and car shows are what I live for so if you can help out so I can something to do would be just great,,, thanks