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ok first off this was not a race (sadily) this was a 3 car accident. ok i was coming down a main road and happen to noticed a mustang saleen and was talking to myself about it in my head and well i came to a stop light with no one behind me and a few in front and tottaly forgot about the mustang and I just got to a complete stop and happen to look in my rear view and see this black mustang come shooting at me from the rear i got myself prepared for the wreck and about a sec later BAM I flew foward a bit and hit a pt cruiser infront of be but luckily not as hard but not like i expected.

I jump out of the durango and see the whole saleene's front end about 5 feet from the car and it hissin out air and pissin out coolant. i look at the rear bumper on the durango ready to expect it being toren in half but was lucky to find just the dodge trailer hitch cover litterly ripped in half and the driver side of the rear bumper dented in at sections and the whole bumper scratched up then i checked to see if everyone was ok and yes they were so i checked the front end and the bumper was a little messed up there was a small spider web crack in the paint and the liscence plate handing down and some scrapes but nothing huge but the pt cruiser in front had a huge crack on top of the rear bumper.

i was shaking in shock but was glad everyone was ok. and i was AMAZED the rear of the durango wasnt ripped in half because the mustang was doing a good 60mph in 40mph zone because i rember about a quarter mile down the road seeing the mustang going very slow about 10mph so she must of steeped on it trying get to the light because it defintly was no 40mph. and when we all got out she ( the driver of the saleen) even admited she wasnt paying attention. Im amazed still that so little damage was done to the durango from what i could tell nothing was done to the underbody but when i was leaving a parking lot i heard a loud screech like in the front suspension and the seat belt was kinda coming apart but the rear bumper did highly absorb the inpact because I kinda just rolled into the pt cruiser and the mustang literly bounced back about 10-15 feet with the front end about 5feet from the durango and from the car itself.

im just blessing my lucky stars that everyone was ok and nothing to bad happened. The mustang i belive is totaled and im getting the durango repaired hopefully tomorrow. It makes me still sick though to look at all the care iv put into the durango and to see it all wrecked up and same with the mustang you know its gonna be sent to a junkyard to be crushed. wish me luck that nothing to bad has happened to the durango and sorry about the long post. thank you. btw the mustang was a new edge 99-04 black mustang saleen very beautiful car though and hate to see it ripped apart.

also along with the ripped off front end, coolant shooting out, the hood also was literly ripped like paper in spots. shows how well todays vehicles are made.

also i found out that the frame is bent into a triangle shape, radiator is smashed, ac is crushed, tranny oil crushed, and some other odds and ends that i cant remember.