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A good firend of mine, Eric, has a 2001 WS6 T/A. Since we both have the same year T/A we thought it would be a great idea to race against each other at Bristol :) So we set the date for Sept 16th, this was going to be the Street Fights Finally, the last opportunity to get to race this year. Also the band that Eric plays in, Shattered Bliss, was going to be playing too :) Eric plays guitar, the band ROCKS!!!!! Dragonbird even got to play a part in one of their songs they wrote especially for the Street Fights called "The 1/4 mile" :) Right at the beginning of the song Mike reved her engine up :D Well after the band got thru playing, it was time for me and Eric to get to the staging lanes. We both was excited, here we have the same year T/A's the only difference, Mine is a 6spd, his an automatic. We both were hoping to run in the 13's, he has in his before, of course I never did in the '99. Well we finally get to the starting point and get lined up at the tree....AND WE'RE OFF!!!!!! We are pretty much running equal, but at the end I must've got him, barely though. He actually had a faster 1/4 mile time, but I was 4MPH faster than he was and I also beat him off the line, so I guess that's why it said on the time slip that I won. We didn't run in the 13's though, I guess it just wasn't meant to be, I can come up with all sorts of reasons as to why we didn't run faster, but I don't care, We both had a blast :D Here are the results:
Me Eric
R/T .489 R/T .604
60' 2.390 60' 2.155
330 6.327 330 6.079
1/8 9.445 1/8 9.252
MPH 79.24 MPH 78.35
1000 12.079 1000 11.963
1/4 14.299 1/4 14.271
MPH 101.65 MPH 97.55