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some of you have already heard, some of you haven't. me and my husband took our dragon bird up to the 25th annual trans am nationals in dayton ohio. what a great time we had! until monday morning around 9:30 am.....CRASH!!!!!!!!! my husband was driving, i was in the passenger seat. we had a solid green light (no arrow) my husband was waiting to turn left onto interstate 75. several cars drove by, then he desided to go, because the truck that was coming was in the turning lane to turn right onto the interstate, so my husband new he would have plenty of time to get across. well, after he pulled out into the intersection the guy in the truck desided to switch lanes and keep straight. he never gave a signal. my husband got full blame. he got wrote a ticket for failure to yeild. yes i agree that it was partly his fault, but i disagree that he should have gotten the full blame. if the other guy had used his signal to indicate he was gonna switch lanes, mike never would've pulled out. we're hoping dragon bird is rebuildable. we don't know yet. if we find out she is not, then we will take all the good parts out of her and start on another one. it will be called dragon bird 2. most importantly me and my husband come out with only minor bruises. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had his hand on us!