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Resently I was walking to the farmers market with two lady friends, when I spotted this cute little car in a corner used car lot. I stopped and asked a guy there how much they wanted for the MG? He said it's not a MG it's a MP Lafer and quoted a price that was out of reach anyway and I left thinking it was a kit car of some sort. I reserched it on line and found all these videos on YouTube and information on web sites and I couldn't stop thinking about that car. I went back the next day and spoke to the owner of the lot and the price came down a little bit. I went back every day for a week and a half, always afraid my little car would be gone. I offered the owner a really low price (really all I could afford) And visited every day to see if he'd come down on the price any. The car was filthy dirty, with trash and crud on the seats and it looked like some one had been sick in the leatherpocket on the door. The engine compartment was all oily and gross but the engine sounded great, once they got it started. They had to jump it every time. I asked my boyfriend to test drive it for me, because I don't drive, ( that's another story) but we discovered the seats weren't bolted to the floor. The owner of the lot went to drive it, and it wouldn't go into gear, he said he'd have his mechanic fix it, and I told him we'd be back the next day. So like I said this went on for a week and a half and finally he said he'd take half now and I could pay him the rest latter. So I bought my first car. I paid the balance a few days latter so I could get the pink slip and get it registered, The DMV registered it as a 1967 VW Beetle, which I don't understand, but as long as it's legal I don't care what they call it. I love my car! We cleaned on it for days, and it's been running great. Every one smiles and waves and gives a thumbs up as we go by.