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Guess it could be called my life with my car or something to that effect.

My first car was my '64 Ford Galaxie Convertible that I still have now. I first saw it in the fall of 1974 in front of my highschool. Long story short I started going out with the owner, he traded the car off in '75 and in '77 after bugging the owners for 2 yrs they were finally selling it and I became owner. The bf and i were over in '78 and then in '79 I was married and started the nomadic military life and the car sat in Oregon. In 2001 I finally had the car with me again in MD then we moved to CA a year later.

I am now in Washington state and drove the car up from So-Cal. Furthest I've ever driven the car ever and it made it with no problems at all. Last weekend i drove it down to the Eugene, OR area for the wedding of a girl I used to baby sit and got to see a lot of people I went to school with etc that i hadn't seen in 30 yrs. They were surprised i still had the same car.

I got a whoppin 14.8 mpg going down and 13.6 coming back. I always say 10 mpg and then I have it all covered so was surprised to see it got that much! My son and I had a great time and we made the 4+ hour drive there and then back again with no problems.

If anyone was interested in the vid you can find it on my garage or if this link works you can find it here.

the vid is a little bit of home movies from 74-75 before I owned it, old and new pics along with people I have met because of the car along the way. I still have a couple other pics of people but couldn't find them when I needed them. Since this is my first video and was short on time I didn't add years or names to the pics. Maybe one day I'll do a bit better one and add captions and maybe even find the pics I'm missing.

My car isn't perfect but then i don't look the same either but it has been, I guess you could call it, the one love that has lasted most of my lifetime. *sniff*


I don't hear much country anymore and had heard "the road you leave behind" on the 4th of July a couple years ago when there was a live band and thought that reminded me of my dad etc and even times I've stopped to help someone out myself. Figuring you just never know when you might be the one stuck along the road and that same person you just helped out might be the one that comes along and returns the favor. It kinda fit, friends you meet on that journey of life so to speak. :)

I had 3 songs before that before I decided on this one. It fit perfectly to the end of the video. The other was It's Magic by Pilot which came out in '74, Red ragtop - Tim McGraw and Drive by Alan Jackson. Drive and Red ragtop a friend told me I should listen to. Country usually tells some good stories that go good with those old home movies and videos. :) The Road You Leave Behind by David Lee Murphy seemed to fit the story well. I've met many through the years, especially the past 7 yrs with all the great car people out there, made good friends and I have many more to meet down the road.