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Hi, friends! My name is Geri, and I have loved cars ever since I was a little kid. For a female, its pretty strange, but these days not so much.
It started back when I was about 4 years old in 1969. I had an older sister, and older brother. My sister would'nt have anything to do with me- except torture me every once in a while. So, my older brother became my mentor.
My brother and I would watch scary movies, and he also would share his Hot Wheels collection with me. I loved them! I had a doll house, and at night, when I would go to bed, instead of putting dolls in the house, I would put my treasured Hot Wheels.
My favorite was "Boss Hoss" and "Splittin' Image"- I was always a messy little kid, and one day, my evil rotten sister threw out all my Hot Wheels because I would'nt clean up our room ( we shared a room) I still have not forgiven her for that, to this day. (She is still evil and rotten, after all these years)
I used to watch " I Dream of Jeannie", not because I like the show, but because of the mint cars they had. Back in those days, I loved GTOs and Mustangs- and, even though Im a Chevy Girl, I still do. Even if the show or movie stinks, I will watch it because of the cool cars!!
My Uncle owned a 1969 Chevelle SS 396 back in the early 70s. Then, my Father, bought a 1965 Chevy Impala SS 396, I think in 1972-73. I fell in love with that car! I wanted my father to let me have it when I started driving (my older brother did, too!) But, my mom had another baby in 74, so my dad had to sell it. He sold it for $350. I remember sitting on the car, covering up the "FOR SALE" sign, because I didn't want him to sell it.
When I started first grade back in 1970, my teacher was bringing in a fish tank for the class. We had to go out and help her bring it in- then, I saw her car. A 1968 Pontiac GTO! Who CARES about a fish tank- take me for a ride! I was even going to be abrupt enough to ask her to let me DRIVE it!
Years went by, and in 1985 I was walking down to a bar I was a usual at. All of a sudden, I hear a really nice car coming down the road. It was a 1967 Chevelle SS 396. The guy asked if I needed a ride- I said sure. There were FOR SALE signs on the window, and I asked how much he wanted for it. He told me $3000. Well, to make a long story short, he sold that Chevelle (I cried) and bought a 1970 Chevy Nova SS 396. I learned how to build an engine, (with a few mistakes) like adjusting the valves and the push rods going through the rocker arms (LOL) He was VERY upset about that, and blamed ME!!!!
Well, he taught me alot about hot rods, and during our married years, I helped build 3 more engines, put engines in a car and take them out. We divorced in 1999, not on friendly terms, either I might add. I might blog more about my car adventures in the near future. Thanks for reading! Geri