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CorvairJim was kind enough to send me a bunch of pictures he took recently of a couple of cars that came close to matching my description of my Dad's Nassau Blue 1967 big block Corvette convertible. I broke out in tears when I first saw them - it was like going back in time or having Dad in the room looking over my shoulder. There are a few differences - the car with the right big block hood with the white stripe is a coupe, and the 'new' convertible (not the one I already had posted) has Rally wheels instead of the aluminum spoked wheels Dad's car had. Still, the interior is exactly like I remember it, and the cars are as clean and shiny as Dad always kept his car.

This is the car that got me interested in cars back when I was in pre-school. It made me a Chevy Girl, a future Corvette owner (just wait and see!), and a convertible owner for life! Check out the album and leave any comments (and trophies!) you feel like sending.

Suzi :flirt: