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i love the muscle cars, and the old hot rods almost as much!! its so sad to think that some of the nicest and what would have been the sharpest cars, given time, money, effort, and a lot of sweat and tears, have been crushed through the years.
i ride around, and spot these old cars, and its really sad that someone just parks them, and you know they will also end up in a crusher!!
i am so glad that i have found a website, such as motortopia, where my "friends" are still keeping the passion and american dream alive.
its up to each of us to teach our kids, the importance and the meaning, of these cars. don't let US be the last of a dying breed. if you believe in the spirit, keep bustin' your knuckles, sweatin', and spending money ( yeah, i know, its caused some divorce) when you can to make your dream come true.AND THE DREAM ALIVE AND GOING!!