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I voted in a challenge recently, with a very nice Honda CRX up against an equally nice Volkswagen Super Beetle. I voted my own preferences, by the criteria set in the challenges; those being Performance, Styling, and Overall. Now, as you can read in the comment I left on the challenge, which I "Cut & Pasted" below, I like BOTH cars, but voting just in the categories, I realized that the Honda would out-perform the VW, it's styling is much more to my liking, and overall. I'd rather own the Honda over the Beetle. Yes, the owner of the Honda is a friend of mine. No, that didn't weigh into my decision in the least! Sounds strange, coming from the owner of many air-cooled cars over the years, but it's the truth. However, some disgruntled members with a chip on their shoulder, can't seem to get it thtrough their heads that a person can't possibly disagree with them! So I've taken the liberty of posting a couple of messages that are on Motortopia already (Look them up on the challenge in question), as well as the one sent to me personally. Let me know what you think of the situation. First, here's andylynn67's blog post in it's entirety, through the magic of "Cut & Paste":

Feb 20, 2009 | Views: 23

By andylynn67

I hate to say that I am very upset to pop back in here and see the same old ! The same clowns are challenging everyone and regardless off the car (no longer owned,or no Info etc!) they all vote for their friends. Is this fun??? It is the same people(no names will be metioned), but if you have been here as long as I have you will know exactly who I am talking about. And the biggest sore loser that wold cry and beg for votes is still at it (can't say his name but starts with A ) LMAO!!!!!
That's it for me, Done here .. Don't have time to play
Cheer to my good buds
And new Buds!!!!
Now, this is my comment posted on the challenge: (AUSUMCRX vs. The Bug

Feb 17, 2009 at 11:13 am
Whew! I've gotta go Honda here, but I like the Bug, too. If I'd realized the VW was getting pounded so badly, I would have voted differently, since it deserves better than it's been getting so far (No offense to the CRX).
Seriously, does this sound like I had it in for the Volkswagen? Still, here's andylynn67's personal message to me:

Subject: Jim Jim Jim
From: andylynn67
Date: Feb 19, 2009 10:19 pm
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I can't believe you voted for a no longer owned Honda piece of crap over a VW!!!! And for a clown that begs for votes. No need to reply you are toast as a buddy
LMAO !!!! I am gone from here.
Afterwards, andylynn67 added this comment to the cahllenge:

Yesterday at 10:34 pm
The Bug Rocks!! Bud, sadly some people here feel it is more important to vote for friends. No names will be mentioned, but you will see them over and over and over agin with lame comments. So if comments are meant to be fun they are having all the fun winning cheap thrills.
I'm done and gone
All I can say is that he just doesn't get it. Sure, I know full well that some folks vote for their friends - that's just human nature. But some of us take the challenges more seriously, and enjoy the competition for the sake of competition. I lke to think that people like my cars and vote for THEM, not just because I own them but because they're great cars. I like Andy's '67 Camaro, and I've voted for it in several challenges in the past. Should I have voted for his opponent just because he was on my friends list? No, that wouldn't make any sense, now would it! Still, he seems to think everybody should think the way he does and vote the way he does. Sad.