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Are John Force-style burn-outs in YOUR future simply by peeling and sticking some vinyl on your ride? Maybe...

Blake ran the ‘Bird again a while back… and added more evidence to the claims that a PCK Studio sticker WILL make your car faster. How’s about four tenths faster?! Since we last checked in, the car was pulling low-11’s and very respectable high-10’s. Simply by peeling the backing and applying to your clean car, perhaps you too can gain speed, cut times, and launch like a rock star!

(actual results may vary. But you have to admit, it sure sounds good.)

...of course, individual results may vary. Here's the sticker on Blake's ride...

...and here, on a Buick!:

On the subject of running quicker, check out the video Blake sent… There’s drama, tire smoke, and dig the way the car launches… poetic, in a way:


Can’t wait to see what happens when the 3.23 rear gear gets swapped, and some slicks get mounted!
In any event… there’s a moral in this story, as well as a great bit of knowedge to be gleaned: Our stickers will make your car faster. Less than five bucks got an actual client four tenths.

Now to work on that miracle cure for flatulence…