Filed under: 2003 Chevrolet S-10 (Bizelli's Ride)

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Several months ago, my truck began to act as if something was wrong with the transmission components, considering the RPMs would Rev Up when I'd go to accelerate. Over the past few months, it slowly and slowly became worst where I would have to "play" with the gas pedal in order to get the truck to pick up speed - and evne then it was slow! So, this is an obstacle that I'm getting over right now. It will soon be fixed - turned up to most likely be the CLUTCH considering its a 5-speed Manual Tranny. I'm getting a whopper of a deal. All of the auto repair shops were "price matching".
- FROM STARTING AT $500 ESTIMATE (to have cluth replaced) .... I'm NOW GETTING IT DONE FOR $300 (with New Parts and Warantee). I'm looking forward to being able to cruise again.

To celebrate our (mine and my truck's) victory over this issue, I am going to be taking a trip to St. Chuck (outside St. Loius - where I'm from) for a couple of weeks. That is where I'll be attending S-Series Nationals. I have a lot to look forward to ... if I could only could smoking so much.