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Well, technically it isn't a Ford commercial... but anyone that watched the Knight Rider made-for-TV movie a couple months back probably felt like they were watching a really long Ford commercial.

Although the movie was panned for bad writing and wooden acting, the ratings were good enough that NBC has just given the thumbs-up to a new weekly Knight Rider series that will air this fall.

KITT will remain a Shelby-ized Mustang, and all the characters (and background traffic) will probably still be driving Fords. However, all those Jags and Land Rovers you saw in the TV movie will have to be replaced, now that Ford has sold those companies to India's Tata Motors, Ltd. I would also assume they will keep the lead actors, but will Val Kilmer still be KITT's voice? And will David Hasselhoff make any appearances? You'll have to tune in this fall to find out.

So, those of you who saw the TV movie: was it bad enough that you won't be watching this fall, or will you give the series another chance?

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