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I considered tearing up a 2004 Mustang GT this morning that was paying with me. I was sure I could do it short shifting and boosting to 7 lbs. I passed it would have been fun though, this car is such a sleeper, its almost comical when a muscle car steps up.

I decided in an effort to get this crap over with the last 400 miles +/- will be done at interstate speeds of 70-100 MPH.

I did 100 miles this morning in about 1.3 hours. Very Happy

I got out late, and hope to get out earlier tomorrow and get more like 200 miles on her, then as far as I am concerned I am done.

I want to tune to redline Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

All I can say is with the porting work, and this new turbo..... holy crap!!

I am looking forward to opening her up soon. This car warps your sense of what fast is.

i.e. my 3.6 swapped 911, I though it was slow and found out it was probably a 12 second car. My rx7 in its old trip was probably a 10 second car and was brutally fast. If I floor it, it feels like it is leaving the ground.

I am nervous about mountain runs because I am afraid this car will get me in over my head in about 0.0002 seconds.

Self control is going to be the key.