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Well I volunteered my supra for TF Enterprises to test out their new carpet kits for the supra.. and I can say for a first fitting I am very impressed. I used to have a full tan carpet (as you will see in the pics) and I wanted to switch over to black, as the tan carpet was very stained when I bought the car about a year and 1/2 ago. They have two types of carpet too, you could either go with the regular plush or this new looped carpet which is what I went with. Besides some small fitment issues on the passenger side which will be fixed at the next fitting.. every fit very well and looks fantastic... These guys do some awesome work and are very very professional. I will be pulling out my backseat so at the next fitting they will also be using my car to make a mold of the back seat as well to make a third part (back, front, and trunk) for those of us who are going to be backseatless.. so enough typing here at the pictures!!!

I want to thank Tom Frederico, and Kevin & Justin from ACS...