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Well today was a good Shark day, mainly because everything we did worked! With out any mod drilling, dremeling, or any of the other fun stuff that comes along with a fine 3rd Gen!

So First were the front speakers, the dash pad has never been removed, so the bolts, screws and plastic were perfect, no molestation by a previous install.

That made for a quick dash pad take off, the front speaks were the stock ones...Yep stock! And they sounded pretty decent for as old as they are, or so I thought! However as I continue to build the sound system I knew they were in need of replacing, they were no match for what I currently have, so out they go!

Keep in mind that on a 3rd Gen there is very little room to work with as far as the magnet depth, and cone height. The passenger side has a deeper well so no problem, but the drivers side has the back of the speedo below where the magnet sits, and duct work for the side vent, so it's a close fit.

With the drivers side speaker sitting in the well and the plug connectors facing towards the passenger side, the speak wouldn't sit flush, however when I flipped the spearker around so the connections were towards the drivers door, and presto, so use a bit of extra wire on your install!
GM has some funky wire colors as well, so a meter is handy if you have one.

I rolled on Kenwood's 4" x 6", and man those little dudes can pump out some sound! A MONSTER difference from the 27 year old stock speaks...I am a happy dude!

Oh sorry I got so involved I didn't do any install pics!
But I do have a pic of the stock speaks from the day!
And a pic of the new Kenwoods.