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Since 2006, Phoenix Specialty Coatings has been your first choice for the best custom powder coating in the industry on small automotive and motorcycle parts. Offering attention to detail not found anywhere else, affordable prices on custom work, an extensive color selection and top-notch customer service got us where we are today, and you can continue to expect more of the same from PSC in the future.

But we no longer specialize in just smaller parts ...

Phoenix Specialty Coatings is very proud and excited to announce the delivery of our new extra large powder curing oven! With inside dimensions of 77 ½” tall (almost 6’6”), 41 ½” wide and 37 ½” deep, you can now obtain that same affordable high-quality custom powder coating on your motorcycle frames, engine blocks, rear end housings, cross- and k-members, sway bars, dash frames, 6-cylinder parts, bumpers, transmission cases, large suspension components, 4-wheeler and semi truck parts … your imagination is the only limit! Select manufacturer’s batch jobs can also now be accommodated (call for more information).

As before, we also offer high temp ceramic exhaust coatings in Performance Chrome, Stealth Black or Cast Iron Gray, coated inside and out, for one low price with a 3-year warranty.

Visit us on the web at [url] [/url]for more information on our services, pricing, testimonials / feedback and Before & After Slide Shows, as well as hundreds of actual work sample photos. The new oven is featured on the home page – check it out!

Our company motto is “Where Your Parts Are Reborn” … and big or small, we can now do it all!

Contact owner / operator Leanna ~ The CudaChick, for more information or details at 731-613-9192 between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. central time.

Check out the Phoenix Specialty Coatings Business Group here on motortopia too!