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I inherited some money and my wife insisted I spend it on me. So I decided to get the 7 painted, it was getting long in the tooth and needed it bad. All the track days and Ax's had taken its toll.

So I toyed with a matt black paint job then decided it was getting played out and went with a respray. I chose to delete the rear spoiler because the car originally did not come with one and I had the shop fill the emblem holes and holes from the spoiler. I got a new splitter for the front and a new CF hood, which I am not loving too much anymore and may paint over it.

I have not posted in here in a while I have been busy out playing with her. I took her up the the Dragon and she got 22 MPG on the highway (and 10 in the mountains :D ) she ran flawlessly.

I put nearly 2000 miles on her that trip and she never missed a beat.