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My new project is a 1998 V6 powered 5spd Ranger. Not a Mustang, but fun to work on. The truck was owned by my mother since brand new in 1998 (now has 120K) and has recently suffered from a lack of oil due to a oil pan gasket that had worked it self loose in the back. The truck is in near mint shape inside and out so it's a great project. On top of the pan gasket issue there the drivers side head (cyl 4) has a ruined valve seat and guide which caused PVC issues. (see pics). So far I have hit my favorite junk yard and pulled a drivers side head from a 90ish Ford Areostar with the 3.0L for a good complete set of heads.

Last weekend my son and I pulled the motor and trans and broke the motor down to see what needs to be done to fix it. At this point we are in the cleaning phase and now that we have the head problem solved were waiting on a new set of piston rings to come in since we pulled the #4 piston to get a better look at it. All the bearings (mains and rods) were pulled for inspection and looks really good so they have been put back. The #4 piston has been cleaned and once the cyl is honed it will be reinstalled and the engine will be put back together.

Before the heads go back on they will be disassembeled and will get a basic port and polish and the lower intake will get a gasket match port job to try and coax a bit more HP from the little motor. Working on this engine reminds me of building 5.0L engines. Very easy to understand.