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Finally, after what seemed an eternity I was able to get my hands on some good condition OE taillights for my Monte. The old ones (original with the car) had been subject to many long hot summers and cold winters which had taken a toll on them. The plastic had developed "age" cracks and had lost some color and transparency. This made the whole rear of the car look pretty bad. I also installed a taillight sequencer with the new lights which makes the lights "chase" from inboard to outboard when the brakes or turn signals are used (much like the '69 Mercury Cougar taillights). The control module was very simple to install (double sided tape mounted to the inner fender inside the trunk) and offers speed control adjustments to increase or decrease the rate in which the bulbs chase. I had to mod the new taillights to accept a new center 1157 dual filament bulb and socket and replace the single filament bulb socket in the original wiring bundle. The project was fairly simple and cost me less than $250 total and it provides a cool mod while keeping the classic original lines of the Monte Carlo intact. Check out the video on my page.