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A couple weeks ago, I came across a set of BMW "bottle cap" wheels with new Winterforce tires on them for a great price. I bought them and put them on my car last week, and anxiously awaited snow so I could try 'em out. That snow finally came this weekend, and the Winterforce tires are AMAZING.

In my 22+ years of driving in Nebraska, I've never used winter tires on my car. Let's see how crazy I've been:

* Opel GT - ran a set of cheap Goodyear Corsa GT tires all year round. I assume they were all season tires, but not sure. Rear wheel drive, no weight at all, seemed to get around okay all throughout high school.

* Toyota Supra - had a set of (literally) bald no-name tires, 235/60 R 14. Rear wheel drive, no weight, but at least a limited slip rearend. Amazingly, took that car on a ski trip to Colorado with the bald rear tires. Actually made it down the mountain alive in a blizzard, having to stop in a small town for the night when they closed the roads. Got the last motel room. No clue how we didn't die, although we did do a 360 around one curve.

* Porsche 944S - Rear wheel drive, no limited slip, but the transaxle is in the rear, adding some weight. First few winters had Eagle GT+4 all season tires. Not too bad in the snow. Next few winters ran Goodyear Eagle F1 tires. Definitely a summer performance tire. No clue how I got around in the snow, but somehow I did. Drove through many blizzards with the Eagles. It currently has Pirelli P7000 Supersport "high performance all-season" tires on it. Not too bad in light snow, but that's about it.

* Honda Civic - Front wheel drive, skinny tires. I ran whatever all-season tires came from the factory. This car did great in the snow, thanks to the skinny tires and front wheel drive.

* BMW 528e - Rear wheel drive, no weight, no limited slip. I think it was running Goodyear GT+4 when I first got it. Up until last week, I was running Bridgestone Touranza LT all-season tires. Good in very light snow, but anything above that, worthless. In fact, this car has always sucked in the snow.

Which brings me to the Winterforce tires on the BMW. Wow. I have them on all four wheels, and I feel like I can go almost anywhere. I feel more confident than I did in the front-wheel drive Civic now. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow, and you have been debating getting a set of winter wheels/tires, don't wait any longer. Do it, you will wonder how you ever drove in the snow without them. :)