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So I've been thinking long and hard about the direction I want to go with the Z26. Its not the fastest car in the world. Its not the lightest, sexiest or most expensive car in the world. It is however a pretty good compromise in all areas.

Its quick, looks good, handles great and is cheap to repair if it breaks.

Ive decided that I want to turbocharge this car. I've turbocharged my 89 Base Beretta before after putting together a 3.1/3400 hybrid engine for it, so Im not just some young punk talking ****. I can (and will) do it. I was originally leaning towards a remote mount setup in place of the muffler, but Ive changed my mind and am leaning towards a traditional engine bay mounted setup.

Ive also begun collecting the parts. So far I have the BEGI/Cartech rising rate fuel pressure regulator, some hedman headers that will be cut up for custom turbo headers, 3500 heads, lower intake and upper intake manifold (better flow, more power) and a few other misc items. I havent purchased the big ticket items like the turbo and wastegate yet but I have a pretty good idea of which one I'll be getting. Its big.

The goal is to have the car turbocharged and running decently by June 20th, 2007. Gotta have it ready for bfest. I'd like to have it painted aswell but I dont see there being enough time to get everything accomplished.