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We had a blast at the Dallas Mud Bogg ther was tons of trucks i have not seen so many at one time.... People were overheating and breaking axles and drive shafts there was popped tires and tons of stuck trucks..... We took the jeep and the nissan out and had a great time... The jeep came back muddy on the under side but a little mud on the upperside.... The nissan on the other hand came back covered and when i say covered i mean caked and packed down to no end... The only problem was is that the trany started to not want to pull and she was beggining to over heat and on top of that we had lost our rear drive shaft and busted out the rear glass. Ooops... The jeep didnt get over 160 all day but the nissan i dont know how hot that thing got but... This is the story of how we busted the window the Owner of the truck got the idea to try to roll it over but after a failed atempt it fell into a mud hole that came up to the top of the hood.... NO LIE. We tried to pull him out with the jeep and the tow strap Broke and went flying into the back glass and it shattered one side of the window... If the Head rest was not on the seat it would have hit the guy in the head. How we lost the drive shaft i Dont Know but it was a blast.. IF ANY ONE HAS Video from this event please give me a heads up i would like to see if we were in anny video besides our own.. That was a blast its nothing like riding fourwheelers in the country i know that for a fact... I think i am hooked on a good time and will be going here again very soon!!!!!!!! Enjoy Some of these pics on this subject Thanks For Reading!