Filed under: 1967 Plymouth Barracuda (bucket o' bolts)

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Haha! after long nights of much bloodletting and cursing, the cuda is ready to roll again. discovered the front oil seal was ripped and leakin everywhere. so out the radiator and other parts came. again. replaced the oil seal in the timing cover and checked the timing while i was in there. come to find out the timing was half a tooth retarded. fixed that. that may be why the car wasnt 60'ing like it should.. we shall see.

fixed those problems and the valve cover started pissing oil. ****. so that was fixed. did get a free red top battery out of it tho.

played with the ladder bars and moved them up one hole. maybe thatll help the 60' time too. also went with an older gold claw carb, bout 975ish cfm. set the timing at 34* total, all in about 2500 rpm.

so, all things said, there should be SOME improvement. hopefully. more to come....