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At the present time I have no personal ride. My company provides me with a company van. Our family ride is a 2002 Subaru Forrester. The AWD comes in handy getting out of our driveway in the winter. Some day I hope to own an early Mustang. I like all years 1965-1970. My true love is a 1968 Shelby convertible. Since I rarely play the lottery my chances of ever owning one is zero-to-none.

Not having a personal ride does not put a damper on my love for all things automotive. I enjoy attending car shows. I have a nephew who shows a 1966 Mustang coupe at local shows, and a brother-in-law who shows a 1966 Buick Riviera that he bought used in 1966. They are regular trophy winners at the local shows.

Someday I will join them on the circuit.