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You all asked for it so the Valve Cover Special is BACK!!!!

For all 8-cylinder valve cover jobs arriving between today and October 31, 2009, members can enjoy a 15% labor discount. (Yes, that's for both big and small block setups -- even hemis!) For all 6-cylinder valve covers, motortopia members are entitled to a whopping 20% off!

I'm not discriminating against the V-8 guys ... just tossing out a little enticement to hammer the point home that the new oven's ready for big parts!!! (The only way some of those 6-cylinder valve covers woulda fit in the old oven is if I cut them in half so this is a good development and saves me a lot of welding around here haaaaaa -- YES of course I'm kidding!)

If you haven't looked at my website yet, you'll find hundreds of work sample photos and lots of great ideas for your own valve covers in the Gallery, a thorough ballpark Price List, over 6,500 colors to choose from - even custom matching (Color Charts tab), and lots and lots of reviews by my valued customers.

Join the ranks of happy PSC customers and call or write for your free quote today! Be sure to tell me you're a motortopia member to qualify for this month's great deal on valve covers. There are quite a few other work sample photos here on my profile too, and a new shop introduction video I just put the finishing touches on (see the home page of my website).

Thanks to and its great membership! You love the work and I love doing it for ya.

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